Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum is a decentralized platform that runs smart contracts: applications that run exactly as programmed without any possibility of downtime, censorship, fraud or third party interference.

Bitcoin Twitter Account Goes On Unfollowing Spree

Along with posting videos showing the account unfollowing Tron CEO Justin Sun…

WhatsApp Works To Bring Payments Service To Indonesia

Facebook's WhatsApp is reportedly in talks with multiple Indonesian digital payment firms…

ICO Rating Agrees To Pay SEC Fine

Russian cryptocurrency ratings site ICO Rating has agreed to pay an undisclosed…

The IEO Bubble May Have Already Burst

A recent report published by the crypto and blockchain analytics firm TokenInsight…

7 hours ago
Listen as Dean Pappas ( @XLdean)
Donald McIntyre of @MyEtherplan discusses “Social Attacks” on #Bitcoin and #EthereumClassic, @LukeDashjr’s small block proposal and a whole lot more.
21 hours ago
Let's Talk ETC! #97 - Anthony Lusardi ( @pyskell) (Formerly of @ETCCooperative) & Kevin Lord ( @IOHK_Kevin) discuss the latest in #ETCLand
• ETC at #ETHBerlin for the first time
@ETCLabs to launch startup Cohort II
• Atlantis hardfork, block 8.772
1 day ago
“ETC will be used as a base layer system, or L1, for other chains such as ETH 2.0 to procure security and monetary policy services.“

Ethereum Classic Opportunities via @MyEtherplan
3 days ago
"As in #Bitcoin, a vision for #EthereumClassic shouldn't be defined by a centralized entity like a foundation, (i.e. #Ethereum), or a corporation (ie #Zcash, #EOS, #Tezos). #ETC mostly defines its path through rough consensus."
- @MyEtherplan
4 days ago
ETC will be at #ETHBerlin for the very first time! If your around make sure to come and talk about Ethereum Classic.
4 days ago
#ETC has decided, based on a high security strategy, to stay with a proof of work consensus mechanism, & #ETH 2.0 has chosen to pursue a high performance strategy, for example going with proof of stake and sharding.”
- @MyEtherplan

#EthereumClassic Vision